Seema Handu

Seema Handu is a world-changer with the Midas touch. She has participated in laboratory and management roles in a biopharma company that went IPO and got sold, while bringing a well-known product like Lubriderm to market. She built and sold a software company for the pharma industry which literally defined the standard for FDA approvals for drugs, transforming and facilitating the process for drug development and approval.

Now she is looking to make a positive impact on children’s global health through Children’s Global Health Initiative, where she serves as managing director. Leveraging the research, infrastructure, network and successes of the Oakland Children’s Hospital, and the desire of passionate people to make a broader, more sustainable impact on children worldwide, this new nonprofit intends to tangibly diagnose and treat children and their community, educate the community around global health initiatives, and fund research designed to better serve the health needs of people living in remote communities. Seema invites us to find out more about CGHI and its initiatives through their web site She shares the following advice for non profits leveraging technology:

Please join me in thanking Seema for taking the time to participate in our interview, for sharing her inspiring story with us, and for all she does for all of us on behalf of children around the world.