Minoo Gupta

Minoo got involved in technology at a very good time in the market. As a graduate of the Delhi College of Engineering, she was able to secure sponsorship and a VISA to work for companies including Compaq, Nokia, Oracle, and now CITRIX. Minoo describes the rapid evolution of the hardware and software industries, and speaks with passion about how her current company is so well positioned for the next waves of innovation around cloud computing, devices and social media. As a senior director of engineering, she speaks about the challenges of integrating multiple devices, the security and access challenges which come with cloud computing, and the performance issues which naturally arise from getting access to large volumes of selected data. As a successful exec, she also points out that her team and company are always looking for creative, passionate and competent leaders, and invites everyone to visit CITRIX’s job boards for more information http://www.citrix.com. As an active community member, Minoo invites all to participate in TiE and its many entrepreneurial programs including http://www.tiecon.com, The TiE women’s group, the TiE Angel group and others.

Please join me in thanking Minoo for sharing her story.